♫♪  Meme Vivaldi - “David Icke on Drugs” / “ERROR Strings”

When there’s a bit about “composure” in any Tweet for a Tiny Mix Tapes post, chances are it’s the opposite. Meme Vivaldi’s two new tracks, “David Icke on Drugs” / “ERROR Strings,” aren’t falling apart either, but posses something of future structuralist juxxing, enabling signifiers as warped samples into familiar melodies, negating a beat, when it’s really only about beat. Considering the piano is (technically) a percussion instrument, Meme Vivaldi takes scalings and midi perving to an entirely new level of soaring, flaying layers in “David Icke on Drugs” / “ERROR Strings.” “David Icke on Drugs” is more of a key-finger dance zone that drops in the darkest night club of the intergalactic New Berlin, stationed on Ganymede around 2214, where the Dreamworld is merely a droplet away, and people been digging up this mineral that mixed with all this space matter, so really nobody knows what they’re putting into their bodies, including sonics. On the easy-tune flip, “ERROR Strings” is a symphony of patience, materializing the holodeck quarters in bits of matter than continue to fail and coalesce and disintegrate with as much grace and weirdo-artisan craftmanship that you just might begin picking up the “David Icke on Drugs” vibes on the day-in-day-out. Feel ‘em below and be the beast that Meme Vivaldi makes of you.

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