♫♪  Merryl - Towel Crown [excerpt]

The southeast has long been stitched with warm pockets of noise and experimental communities. Asheville, North Carolina fits the bill of the “Keep ______ weird” mantra and does so in an earnest way. It’s the soon-to-be new home of the vinyl and cassette label Hooker Vision and its proprietors, Grant and Rachel Evans. Their latest batch of tape releases includes Asheville resident Will Isenogle, who performs and records under the nom de plume Merryl. The excerpt below, taken from Towel Crown, is a soft, meditative raga-like drone. Although Merryl’s arsenal includes synths and electronics like most of his drone counterparts, the output sounds more naturalistic, like blended field recordings of ocean waves washing onto the shore, serving as a substrate underneath the repeated tone interval.

• Merryl: http://merrylcosley.tumblr.com
• Hooker Vision: http://hookervision.blogspot.com

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