♫♪  mie - “coffeeholic”

Me moms once pointed her hand and index finger across me Grams at an apartment window on 84th Street — talking to my future-wife and best friend [and me] all in the back seat — about where in 4D I was conceived after a party uptown they came home early from, and drunk they were, at the time. All of this she’s looking back at the three of us, now, in the backseat we’re all tryna keep it together from cringing/laughing/yelling, “DRIVE!” Eventually rolling up to a van on fire around LGA, and I’m unsure how mom was trying to Snake-Plissken NYC on X-Mas day after seeing the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, but eventually I woke up at a diner with my now-wife listening to mie’s “coffeeholic” on repeat.

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