♫♪  MiNdToUcHbeaTs - MeMoRieS FRoM THe FuTuRe [EP stream]

Inspired by the likes of Repeat Pattern, Tru Master, and the ever eminent RZA, Billy Gomez, a.k.a MiNdToUcHbeaTs, has gone and dropped a remarkable new EP. MeMoRieS FRoM THe FuTuRe sits comfortably alongside his super-tight 2010 record ToNight aT NoON, which was also made available for free via the artist’s Bandcamp.

Originally from L.A., Gomez moved to South Korea to continue working on his various projects, which come in the form of ornate, Lynchian street photography in addition to his jazzy and lucid post hip-hop productions. Through embracing Seoul and its surroundings, Gomez has developed a keenness to make more of his work available. He is currently working on a new release that will see a convergence of previous material, along with the promise of some freshly-squeezed, sample-based tape beats. Let it be known: exciting things are in store from Downtown Gangnam!

• MiNdToUcHbeaTs: http://mindtouch.bandcamp.com

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