♫♪  MNDSGN - “Eggs”

“Eggs” is one of those songs for when there’s no more coffee in the pot and you have to walk to work through the rain because the street has turned to custard. It’s just as well too, because the sky looks mushy and it might leak onto your clothes if you don’t bring an umbrella.

Waking up feeling like play-doh, MNDSGN threw his fingers heavy and fat on the bass, mashing a lethargic groove as the rain washed the custard streets into an oozing river. The thump of the kick sends fingers of custard up the walls outside his house as the river plods along apathetically. In direct contrast to the woozy bass and keys, the tom hits are mechanically precise, and cut through the hot tape hiss. MNDSGN’s vocals sound like a junkie out of claymation Pulp Fiction. That tape hiss though… that tape hiss is the Sound of the Summer 2014, and its going to be frying eggs on every sidewalk for a lonnng time to come.

When the sun comes out later, (if at all) and the custard droplets morph into spastic yellow birds that flap their milky wings.

MNDSGN’s newest tape Surface Outtakes is available TODAY-TODAY in the ltd. quantity of 30 via Leaving Records and the rest are on Stones Throw, so get HYPE!

• MNDSGN: http://mndsgn.bandcamp.com/album/bed-2
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com
• Stones Throw Records: http://www.stonesthrow.com

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