♫♪  Mohave Triangles - “Eternal Light”

Each Mohave Triangles release is individually transportable:

- Seeing the cosmogonal abyss beyond your eye lids.
- Plane absorption in pursuit of ethereal mirages.
- Third eye tractor beam floods in Dry Valleys.
- Reel embered mind grapes.
- Tribal tape hissing your week-long fog party.

Now they reflecting that infinite singe off sand via Eternal Light of the Desert Plateaus. It glazes Hooker Vision’s telepathic discography in their newest batch of tapes. Snag it right quick to ensure future temporal practice sessions of dimensional memory/thought encapsulation. Totes make it ya new motto.

• Mohave Triangles: http://mohavetriangles.bandcamp.com
• Hooker Vision: http://hookervision.blogspot.com

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