♫♪  Molly Tigre - Molly Tigre

It’s a kneejerk reaction now — oh yeah, new tape from Very Special Recordings in the mail? Nice! Gotta be a good one. And it is — this one I mean, the newly-flung-at-us self-titled meat slab from Molly Tigre, a New York “supergroup” (yeah, I said it) whose press reads, “Ethiopian funk drinks a progressive jazz cocktail at Miles Davis’ 1970s loft party.” Now despite the fact that ol’ Miles spent half that decade out of the spotlight in a spiraling hellhole of drug use, that sounds pretty good. We’ll assume that Molly Tigre is channeling his 1970–75 period.

Molly Tigre also channels Fela Kuti, and a Fela/Miles hybrid is something that we all essentially deserve right at this point in human history. See, the quintet makes music that’s nothing if not joyous, raucous, essentially daring you not to move around as you listen to them. These communal jams are for everybody, the polyrhythms and melodies like electricity in your bloodstream that completely takes over your body, causing it to wiggle, sometimes hypnotically, mostly without abandon, until you wake from the trance at the end of the tape wondering what happened but feeling super good about yourself.

A feel-good funk trance vibe-out? Yes, please, to those words I just crammed together!

If you ever find yourself feeling down, pop in Molly Tigre for the cure. If you ever find yourself feeling good, filled with positive energy, pop in Molly Tigre to extend that experience. If you ever find yourself feeling … aw, you get the picture. Pop in this tape!

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