♫♪  Moon High - “Autumn Leaves”

Hah — listen to Moon High hammer that nail head. They got the honky without the tonk, while spangling fingers on that/there banjo and flute. Flute! Doing their sweetest rendition of post-New Weird Americana. Or, nu.alt.country. That’s a genre now, yeah. What.cd it #stat. Oh, and not to mention that subtle drumming. I saw these peeps play once in Columbus, OH at some house show built around a tree. Which was real, right? Like, I was talking to Dan and Marshall, and I think Mickey was in town, and I dropped my phone in a puddle outside. Needless to say, that drummer was one of my favorite parts. No reason; just nice. Yo, you remember Ohio? Shitty weird winters. Greene Co. and H1N1 outbreaks. Cheap weed and dangle slangin’. People worrying too much about nothing much. “Autumn Leaves,” man: ode to Ohio. Rural driving and yelling at nothing. Campfires after raking piles. Glow-in-the-dark costumes and that hometown shit. Moon High gonna represent at an “unofficial” CMJ show on the free-scrill Saturday @9:30pm, child. Sneak them peeps.

• Moon High: http://www.moonhighmusic.com

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