♫♪  moving in - sunburn

marinara cup,
fried cheese sticks, the paper plate,
and a greased mouthfeel

moving in transforms the bedroom into a DIY zen garden. Rivers of Crystal Pepsi snake between piled sweatshirts while ghostly fingers draw hypnotic spirals in the windowsill dust. Royalty-free stock photos of neatly stacked stones materialize, hanging like translucent balloons above the mattress. A silence is only punctured by the babbling of your cola creek and the frugally-placed pluckings that populate sunburn like impressionist smears. moving in’s jazzy Tinker Toy arrangements trickle from his guitar as the telltale fizz emerges from a castle where your goldfish hides.

folded blue oxford
buttoned collar and frayed cuffs
warmed by the Maytag®

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