♫♪  Mr. Fantasy / Pləbeian - Split Tape

Mr. Fantasy

The split-title-/-producer- name track convinced me to buy the cassette, don’t tell me wify. Xylophone remains my all-time fav sounds. “Talons shan’t ever go out of vogue” could be the soundtrack to some fingernail porn, frfr. Like a bio-mechanical sleeve tattoo your best friend got, but you don’t really think looks good, “Bio-chemical Rush” serves as the antidote to blending reality with art, and makes you think your friend been had superpowers this whole time.


Can’t stop thinking how “I’m Ded” will be sorely underrated by people on IG Live tags because of gut nose records status as underground club, but I’m also going to tag it until… Lack of horny gets me into my “Dahill” feels, so I avoid and think about whether I should’ve copped the cassette or a sack, instead. Nevermind, “Penance” is that cheap weed you get from a coworker on the low-low, occasionally, so I broke even.


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