“Workingman’s Smile”

And you’re in a soy field — no, wait, you’re on a canoe on the Little Miami River. -Err, let’s take you to that tee-pee in the backyard of your parent’s hippy friend’s house. Somewhere in Indian or Nevada. Along the way from point 1 to z, you’re in an old painter van. Or, no. You’re on horseback riding along the soy field side for miles. No, acres. Upon these acres, you stumble into a hole; not the horse. You come out a bonfire in that tee-pee, it smells like peyote, and your parent’s friends are staring at you. Leaving the tee-pee cannonballs you into the Little Miami. Emerging from the water you hear, “Reno tonight; drinks $3!” Only to awake in that old painter van. But in the back seat you found the new MV & EE Space Homestead LP on Woodsist. Which is bonus, cause it wont be released until May 15.

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