♫♪  MYMK - The Memory Fog

Your enjoyment of this cassette tape, and I stress the format here for a second, hinges almost entirely on how good a chisel you have and how deft a hammerer you are. For no discussion about The Memory Fog can begin without remarking on its packaging. Encased in a concrete box embossed with the SØVN logo, the tape is only accessible once you destroy its housing, the concrete pieces becoming their own physical artifacts upon destruction. As a fan of concrete myself — all the best and safest buildings are made of it (probably) — I endorse its use for unusual projects, and requiring electronic music nerds to wield sharp implements to get at the juicy goodness inside only adds to the likely enjoyable spectacle I’m imagining right now. Is there a YouTube channel for this specific activity? There should be.

I kid, the box looks super great. Plus, if you manage to not stab the tape itself, thereby rendering it unplayable, you’ll be rewarded with some sweet MYMK action. The Berlin-based producer, known to some humans as B. Sres, conjures the exact feeling of dense opacity descending over the past the further you become removed from it. I’m pretty far removed from a lot of stuff in the past as the years have whizzed by, so I feel like The Memory Fog is sort of a peek inside my own head half the time. Often brazenly crusting over dark ambient passages with distorted effects and industrial whooshes, MYMK crafts a world from those wisps of history obscured and fragmented by the brain as it continually archives new information, in the process pushing some of the less-needed data into the trash folder of the desktop of consciousness. I’m pretty sure that’s how brains work, just like computers. I’ll have to confirm it with a neuroscientist. Or, um, watch Inside Out again.

And if you don’t want to whack away at this thing (which, let’s be honest, is going to be the most fun way to consume it), it’s also available as a handy, portable, dummy-proof pay-what-you-will download, so clicky below and get crackin’! (Disclaimer: By “crackin’” I don’t mean chiseling away at the Bandcamp page on your screen with a blunt object.)

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