♫♪  NAKED LANDSCAPE - 若草色の日々(Time As Color) mix

I indignantly noticed it and then quite a few people around me started to vocally bemoan that there sure are a lot of mixes and archived radio shows on Soundcloud these days. A bit too many? Fit for headphone-clad office workers or internet laborers that need long and somewhat more non-committal streams. But for those of us that don’t or can’t (or won’t!) it’s necessarily getting easier to isolate the more distinct ones from the slightly more rote. (I haven’t had a chance to cover many of the ones I’ve loved of late, but this and this and this come to mind as stand-outs.)

This succinct mix from Japanese blog NAKED LANDSCAPE has a wealth of gristly tone and enchanting vocals and spangly guitars that scream of vinyl rips if not totally or actually then in some gestural degree, and I was inside of it immediately. NAKED LANDSCAPE frequently publishes mixes on their Tumblr hub and this one has been made in homage to Dutch image maker Johan van der Keuken’s 1955 photo book Wij zijn 17 (We are 17), which compiles portraits taken by the artist when he was 17 years old.

A lot of the guitar tracks do feel quite shoegazy or appropriate for that kind of teenage aura that surrounds listless and pretty summers. Maybe a bit melancholy. When you start to muse on the idea and then dissect it in potentially stoned length that time could actually have a color…Go here to learn some more about the book and through the audio player for the track list.

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