“Lutz” / “Cab”

That comatose vision of her. Not her, but only her. Not really focusing. A haze like an aura around her. Recalling what Lauren Hill said about [race]. Drifting in-and-out of expletives. Human trafficking commercials that doubles as snitching. Sampling the finest and least discrete. Blunt at 5:00AM. The glass is half full of vodka of some sort, “Cheers!” Twitching and twitching, but twitching. Staring for a long time, like —staring for a really long time at white. That turn signal you can hear at 5:01AM. Radio cuts in an out, while Lynn twirls in a slow-motion “told ya so,” blurring like blood shoots through bulging eyes now red. Now my mouth is drier than a bottle of baby powder. Natalie got the free shit in “Lutz” / “Cab.” Oh, and Cookcook runs this now? WTF?? ANSWERS?!?!?! LOLOLOL

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