♫♪  Nativist. - “s.tt”

Oh, you were expecting Bootleg Tapes to stop? ‘Cause money rains closer to the trees it falls from. Non-stop trains seem to accelerate these days until the conductor’s phone goes off. Go drive the same car as the president-fellah who says NSA will stop looting personal data. To catch you up: Bootleg Tapes will rain dance all over 2014, they don’t own cellphones or a car, and some may say their “existence” isn’t even lootable. Unless you’re trying to hack their wifi-ray’d manipulation listeners subconsciously experience while ‘earing their releases.

This time, Nativist. is grillin’ in the prime steaks. And the boii only sizzles to fry. Maybe a couple caps off some shrooms to ring in overtones of savory flavorings. Spices add a snare or two at a tap of the finger. But melt that cheese and we all fluctuating in airy rhythm. This Nativist. — for real — “s.tt” will get your feet stuttering into a dance that socks DREAM of: organized in colors, tucked away in a drawer, and awaiting the stretch. Work up your appetite, ‘cause Nativist. is birthing a release on Bootleg Tapes soon, so continue your daily refresh of their site. Who knows what you’ll miss?

I love you. Have a good weekend. Enjoy the dancin’ vibes of “s.tt” by Nativist. streaming below:

• Bootleg Tapes: http://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

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