♫♪  nemuri winter - nemuri winter vol. 1

Shutting Christmas’ back door behind me, I circumnavigate the block without my winter coat for the first time in weeks. Front lawns are slightly thawed, yet still bear their frosted tips. From afar they resemble fat pieces of spearmint chewing gum: hospital green with powdered white highlights. Between premature coldspells and January malaise, now is the winter of contentment.

I can’t stay as physically warm all season as I feel at the time of writing, but I can at least stoke a smoldering hearth in my psyche thanks to netlabel Nemuri Winter’s debut compilation. Featuring a baker’s dozen of Soundcloud’s most atmospheric trap producers, the mixtape is an airy batch of sugar cookies that slides out of the oven into a translucent paper bag, folded over at the opening to seal in its heat.

Adorned with chimes and imbued with vinyl crackle, Nemuri Winter Vol. 1 might prove to be the perfect playlist for the picky houseplant, one that’s hip to your collection of ambient analogue synth LPs but craves a fresh dose of 808 percussion.

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