♫♪  Nerftoss - Maiden Powers

Nerftoss is clever with the use of production sounds and performance. Like in the Leaving Records’ release of Spirit Advantage this year, Maiden Powers also travels across terrain that is both adventurous and relaxing. As one journeys across landscapes throughout the day, Nerftoss also guides listeners in the relaxation of camping that night, by the fire, under the tree, eating game caught throughout the quest. But back into the groove come morning, as Maiden Powers works the action and the calm. She is the whirlwind whisking against the dual horizons, breathing subconscious and goal-oriented dreams into all our imaginations. Nerftoss is the navigator, but the decision is really up to you. Be controlled by Maiden Powers below:

• Nerftoss: http://johnjon.es
• Ehse Records: http://ehserecords.bandcamp.com

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