♫♪  Nice Guys - Chips in the Moonlight

Good garage rock is like the kind of music we need, but don’t deserve, or something like that. Case in point: the Boston trio who call themselves Nice Guys. The vocals and guitars are more than inspired and true to form, and the latter retain at least some element of unpredictability, to say nothing of the awesome band dynamic, as evidenced on Chips in the Moonlight, the Nice Guys’ latest offering, an EP of five solid rock’n’roll tracks clocking in at more or less ten minutes, just in case you get sick of hearing noise. Besides, with song titles like “Sidewalk” and “Gary the Gay Ghost,” you can’t go wrong, right? Support your local garage rock band, and take a gander over at the band’s Bandcamp page.

• Nice Guys: http://niceguys666.bandcamp.com

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