♫♪  nighwaif - “peter the leek thief”

Ready for that dash-o-alien and bonkers outdoor vibes? Good, ‘cause nightwaif brings it with “peter the leek thief”. First, reverbed bird chips fly past you as you set up camp and listen to a woodpecker in the trees. Then, a metallic breeze blows through your tent, filling you with wonder and fear. But don’t worry, it’s just nightwaif’s ship hovering above you, spinning slowly and surely. And as the hull leaks water from it’s DJFX setting, splashing your campfire enough to make it sizzle but not enough to put the flames out, you start to realize that this isn’t a scary thing. Yeah, your marshmallows may be damp, and maybe your pants too, but at least you can say the craft over you isn’t an auditory hallucination; that it’s real. Would be pretty cool to get beamed up, right? Fuck, shout up at nightwaif to see if he can give you a lift. Maybe he’s got time.

• nightwaif: https://soundcloud.com/notes-scraps

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