♫♪  Niña de la Puebla - I’m Always Crying

My family’s blood runs part a smidgen Irish, part German, and a shitload of Ukrainian. My mother’s maiden name is Zvir, and my father’s mother’s maiden name was Stienmetz. Since it was my great grand mother and father who migrated from Ukraine, I’m technically third generation Ukrainian-American (mostly). No, I don’t have a particular fascination to focus in on this background. Unless it were to fall into my lap by the good people at Death Is Not The End.

As it were, Niña de la Puebla’s I’m Always Crying is neither German or Ukrainian. However, it’s a familiar heritage of voice that’s equal parts flamenco and folk and yolo, which is what makes music from around the world so beautiful. Especially when there’s a barrier of familiarity and appropriation of something visual to tie in with a purely audible challenge. Thus it’s complete spontaneity.

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