♫♪  No Death - “Futureless”

You enter through the chamber door, finding yourself in a pitch black room.

     > wave torch in front

You reveal a small circular room, built of stone like the rest of the Lunar Dragoon Temple. To your left (west) and right (east) are unlit torches on the wall. In front of you is something metallic, obscured by the dark.

     > light torches on wall

The room becomes illuminated, revealing a shrine in the center. It is a brass statue of a bearded man, sitting in meditation. There are depleted candles all around the statue, and dried flowers. Aside from the statue, there is nothing else of note.

     > inspect statue

You notice characters in Neo-Mandarin at the base of the statue, engraved on an aluminum scroll. This is the shrine of The Heavenly Duke of Liberation, Guan Yu. In his main arms, he holds an intricate gunblade as well as a decorative tome. His third arm appears empty. There is a date of dedication on the scroll; it reads “6412, Post Rebirth Era.”

     > examine closer

Leaning in closer with your torch, you notice the statue appears to be vibrating ever so slightly in place. His lower arm appears empty. The hand appears unusually clean, as if something was removed from it some time ago.

     > inventory

[Your inventory is as follows:]

Yellow River Principality ducats x 300, Bronze gunblade [equipped] x 1, Torch x 2, Potion of Misty Clam’s Constitution x 1, Brass Rod x 1

     > use brass rod

You tap the statue with the brass rod. Nothing happens.

     > use brass rod on statue’s hand

You tap the statue’s hand with the brass rod. Nothing happens.

     > place brass rod in statue’s hand

You place the brass rod in the statue’s hand. The vibrations cease. All light in the room becomes extinguished. Above the statue, a purplish glow begins to develop. With your above average hearing, you hear faint mutterings of Neo-Mandarin. The glow gets more pronounced.

     > head towards exit south

You try to move away from the statue but are frozen in place, unable to move. The glow has consumed the entire room and your vision. The room is evaporating into stars and mana. The chanting continues. You are weakened (-5 Qi).

     > use potion of misty clam

You cannot perform that action. The chanting continues. You are weakened (-5 Qi).

You have perished.

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