♫♪  Nommo Hunzuu - Drinnen Traum

You want a tiny mixtape? Well you’ve come to the wrong place! This mixtape is GIGANTIC!

Oh, I see what I did there. You’ve actually come to the right place for all your mixtape needs, tiny, gigantic, or otherwise. In fact, this is the only place for that. Sorry for the confusion. Carry on.

But this mixtape is still GIGANTIC, no matter what nincompoopery I may embark upon. That’s right, this thing is two MASSIVE thirty-minute slabs of prime-cut, juicy, mouthwatering hot beef. Check it — Nommo Hunzuu is an “elusive British DJ” according to Origin Peoples’ press, and you know what that means! It means Nommo Hunzuu is probably Burial circa Untrue.

Oh my god, I’m just kidding! He’s Banksy.

But really, you know what “elusive British DJ” actually means — it means that Nommo Hunzuu specializes in that deep unease that resides at the heart of all the best suspense and horror movie soundtracks. Spinning atmosphere for spooky, rainy nights, the Hunz cobbles together the disparate-but-not ideas of Carpenter, Suicide, Lynch, Scott Walker, and a host of others, filling in the blanks, the spaces, with dialogue from the likes of William S. Burroughs, Timothy Leary, and Harry Dean Stanton. It’s a trip, a full-on headfuck that you’ll need headphones for, and an hour carved out on your calendar so that you can listen to the whole thing in one sitting.

But, golly, just a snippet, a preview? That’s all there is online, 3:48 of this sonic wickedness? Well, wet your whistle, whippersnapper, you know what to do next: whip out your wallet for the rest of Drinnen Traum’s sexy black afterlife!

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