Sometimes the tags are enough. Like a resumé for musicians. #Golden Donna #Not Not Fun #Madison #modular synth #tape manipulation. And, here I spend all this time filling in the sentences between the tags and hyperlinks, as if you need more convincing. Fine, I won’t bore you with the literature. I’ll make this quick. Signal Dreams, the new Madison-based label from Golden Donna boyo Joel Shanahan, specializes in weirdo synth and tape experiments via limited edition CDr releases. Anverloss, their most recent release, from Andrew Fitzpatrick’s Noxroy project, combines twelve tracks of minimal synthesized textures. The result is something that fills in the space between the lines of those hash tags. But then again, I suppose that is kind of the point: providing a unique meaning to the signifiers we shortlist to describe it, and creating something more complete than the sum of its #parts.

Anverloss is available now over at the Signal Dreams Bandcamp page.

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