♫♪  N.Racker - “glimmers of light”

The pebbles, wet with sleet, bounce off the exposed strings of an abandoned piano.
I pelt them faux-lazily, embarrassed to admit the growing obsessiveness of each throw, never quite on target.
If I get my aim right, I might just be able to play “Chopsticks”.
It’s that time of year when daylight is just one long sunset. I squint harder with each hour, but never make a tune.

According to Boomkat, N.Racker is “a well known producer operating incognito.” He makes thick dry-stone walls of sound, with all the horror of a pagan Perchtenlauf, but seeped in the dark cynicism of the “desolate north.” While the sounds share certain sonic commonalities with some rightfully praised recent Engravings (TMT Review), this is a darker, sparser affair; a lone Rapper dancer grinding swords in the dark of a moor, not a forest.

N.Racker’s debut album Flock Toxicant came out last year on Pre-Cert Home Entertainment, a label run by the similarly doom-ladenDemdike Stare and Andy Votel (of Finders Keepers). Here’s hoping “glimmers of light” will make it onto similarly beautiful slabs of vinyl soon too.

• N.Racker: http://www.nracker.co.uk

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