♫♪  OHTAKEKOHHAN - “Miracle Yarn” (for L’ANIT)

L’ANIT is a Japanese knitwear designer that envisions a marriage of “new technology and traditional crafts”. Festooning their signature unisex sweaters with sesame-seed nubbles of yarn and translucent ribbons, their catalogue of one-offs is exultantly twee. Theirs is the sort of gaudy tackiness you’re willing to sacrifice your sense of minimal aesthetic autonomy to wear: the grandmotherly love put into L’ANIT’s handiwork is that of a decrusted peanut butter sandwich and its obligatory glass of milk, ferried to the bedside as you wheeze/sweat your way through a summertime flu.

OHTAKEKOHHAN is a Japanese multi-instrumentalist whose credits range from the production of Sajjanu’s infamously intricate math-rock equations to the shimmery guitars that slick the surface of LAGITAGIDA’s punk-prog assault. His latest work, “Miracle Yarn”, was commissioned by L’ANIT to soundtrack their new “video omnibus”, shot in the designer’s signature brand of “guerrilla photography”. Glockenspiel chimes plunk out their clumsy melodies in sync with the sort of whistling you might expect to accompany an instructional cooking video shared by a Facebook friend. Twangy strings bind these notes together as poly-rhythmic drum programming threatens to pull them apart — “Miracle Yarn” is as folksy as it is futuristic. Call it Agrarian Footwork — optimistic — itchy and warm.

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