♫♪  Олег Сапрыкин - HARD BREXXXIT

It’s not scary to think about the Brexit stirring in the UK. But I imagine the Brexit is out there terrifying a shit load of people around the world. Which makes the title HARD BREXXXIT interesting, coming from a Москвá musician like Олег Сапрыкин, considering all the FBI nonsense surrounding Trump and Russian ties. Furthermore, the title is intriguing when pairing the Pryp’Yat’ label HVRF Central Command to Brexit, since Ukraine tried to break from the Russia to join the European Union. Beyond all this, do we even believe what the Internet tells us regarding the musician’s and label’s origins? Fuck it: do we even believe (or care) about Trump and Russia coercion? Wait, do you even know what’s going on in the UK right now regarding Brexit?

Answers are within the music-making methods of HARD BREXXXIT by Олег Сапрыкин, streaming below:

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