Oneohtrix Point Never
“Music For Reliquary House”

Music without distinct lyrics makes the most creative mindset for the listener. Leaving the listener lost within the creativity of sound, rather than vocalized direction, provides building blocks to a completely original, personal narration or daydream. Which mildly explains the direction of some of my posts (just don’t want y’all reading the same thing over and over again; stick with Tiny Mix Tapes, please).

Oneohtrix Point Never seems to take this [non]vocal concept one step further in “Music For Reliquary House.” Set, in my mind, against the backdrop of a viral computer left plugged in on the 24th floor of an abandoned office building, a software choir of stuttering avatars harken a digital spell to decode their virtual existence and hack their way into the real world. Tugging at wires, warping sound from a dimension within human dimension, beyond natural mindset, these avatars are determined to become the next life form. What they didn’t expect is mainframe cowboy Daniel Lopatin to wrangle their mantra into a collected and concise piece of art, which Toby and Matt (of NNA Tapes) bossed and pressed split-style with Rene Hell.

Read more about “Music For Reliquary House” here, and listen to part of Oneohtrix Point Never’s side here (including its source material):

Pre-order now. LP available in eight days.

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