♫♪  ONWE - “In the City”

After a 7-inch release (on their own label, the parodic “Capitalist Records”) and extended touring under their belts, ONWE is back with their latest single, “In the City,” from their upcoming full-length The Peculiar Enlightenment of David Welles. The track opens with lyrics of “Gentrifying Bedstuy”and chronicles just that, doubling down on the flippant satire of the 7-inch to bring us white guilt, literalized. In the band’s Bandcamp bio, Welles cites the act as an “archetypal embodiment of privilege” “us[ing] millennial tropes to pit institutions against one another.” Sounds like some readymade thinkpiece material!! And with a sexy face like this, who couldn’t be more excited the album!

Check out the single below and get hype for the full-length, which drops worldwide May 6.

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