♫♪  Orange Julius - Juice III: Presidential Kush

Mall Music is one of those labels that simultaneously seem to rarely release music while, at the same time, releasing a dozen albums a year. Maybe it’s the troves of sound being thrown at Bandcamp gaping, bleached mouth every day, but there’s a condition that could explain it all: The Friend That Lives Between 30 and 60 Minutes Away Complex. Essentially, when you have a close friend – maybe you lived with them or hung out every day for six months – who moves far enough away to make coordinating weekly visits tough, but your schedules link up bimonthly. They become “memory text” buddies, talking more about the past than the present. BUT once every two months, for a day or two, y’all go wild and keep your bond strong. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s easier to flourish this relationship than a states-between-us one. You’re both probably have real-ish jobs and are focused on your own next step, but why cut the ties? This is how crews like Mall Music, Awful Records, and online venue SPF420 register in my head. Now, this is NOT to say these crews have dropped off. The total opposite actually. Each burst out of the gate at such a speed it seemed it was never going to stop, and when release frequency drops from weekly to monthly to bi-monthly withdraws happen and you’re left wondering why [artist or label or venue] doesn’t drop music anymore when their last release was in November. It’s selfish on our (my) part, sorry but dude I miss you.

Mall Music food court go-to DJ Orange Julius is wrapping up the Juice Trilogy with Juice III: Presidential Kush. It’s a free DL here or alongside Juice and Juice II on Bandcamp.

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