♫♪  Oval - Calidostópia!

Alright, let’s get one thing out of the way: Oval’s Markus Popp is a handsome dude. I mean, look at the photo above and tell me it doesn’t scream “silver fox.” So, anyway, using his dignified looks and the sensual power of albums like 94diskont, Popp recently wooed several female (and a couple male) vocalists from South America into collaborating with him on a new record! Hooray!

Working with vocalists has typically produced excellent results for Popp in the past (see: So and Popp’s contributions to Gastr Del Sol’s Camofleur, for example), and Calidostópia! largely lives up to those high water marks. Additionally, this record may very well be one of Popp’s most accessible recordings under any guise. Unlike his exploration of more abstract glitch songs with So, these tracks are largely held together by melodies and rhythms, even if Popp is constantly working his noisy magic underneath it all. The end result is a gorgeous combination of “world music,” IDM, and trademark Oval soundscapes. And the best part is that keeping with the trend of releasing awesome records for free, Popp has the whole thing available to download for free from his website!

You can preview excerpts of Calidostópia! via SoundCloud below and download the record as a whole here.

• Oval: http://www.markuspopp.me

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