♫♪  Pachinko Machine Music - Pachinko Machine Music 2

Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care / no country road for Jack the bear

Not a noose this time, but a string dangling down from heaven to pick up your ankle, the left one in tape wrap. It lifts you up like a stuffed animal. See you later now that heaven has got you. Meanwhile, I’ll be dropping down the other way while working on that second concussion, while rolling that fireball candy around my mouth. It isn’t so heavy; my head’s the thing that’s heavy, as I go dropping down. Sloopy hang on.

Hell’s going to get me? I don’t think so. Hell won’t get me, so long as the city stays lit up 24/7 with the neon lights and baked goods. I like to buy my bread at 3am, see how much of it I can jam into this salt shaker, señora. I will try to stay here going down forever, don’t mind me. Even if utilities inc packs their suitcase and heads for rahwah, still I won’t be…moving out. So until then, when I’ll still be the fixture in a lava lamp—ta-ta—it’s up to heaven by the ankle for you and it’s down to the lower levels for me, the bright lights, lies down on Broadway Alley as the big bright “OPEN” signs twinkle through my eyelids. Hope I don’t choke to death before I bite the bullet.

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