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Fault Lines [even-track sampler]

Willfully stuck between the mineral and metal, this particular soiree of travelers (known as the Fault Lines) have hiked their way down into the Earth to scour and sniff out the most unheard of sounds. Teetering on the brink of madness and genius, these few are daring to dig into dark psychological depths, deep in doubt and dehydration, while trying to avoid fate by drawing upon the inspiration of pitch-black atmosphere. The Fault Lines’ group discussion is all about chance and destiny, though most of these traveling artists speak in tongues, if at all, and instead veer off into unpredictable territory, which in turn complements their intention. Starved of originality and nutrition, this wide-eyed team glows only in their collective mind. They stretch the ability to perceive beyond what is visually imaginable by tapping straight at the core. OUR pounding core. And are potentially bringers of new land. Who knows? Pack Projects knows.

Fault Lines 12-inch has been pressed on clear 180-gram vinyl, which is limited to 150 copies, including a custom ink-printed jacket, insert booklet with text and photos from writer Jen Hutton and composers, and a full-color immediate digital-download postcard. Composers consist of Morgan Gerstmar, Molly Allis, Jenica Anderson, David Paha, Jules Gimbrone, Aidan Reynolds, Max Wanderman, Odeya Nini, Marcus Rubio (Choco’s own m rubz Grinder), Todd Lerew, Alex Black, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, and Óscar Santos. Ships out “on or around” September 29. Dig in and stream the even-numbered tracks on this 11-song compilation below:

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