♫♪  Panda Bear & Danny L Harle - “Come To Your Senses” (remix)

Panda Bear met the grim reaper earlier this year, and now he’s all buddied up with a skeleton!! His name’s Danny L Harle, a mainstay of the PC Music crew, who has completely reworked Panda Bear’s “Come To Your Senses” into a insane, hyperventilating dance party for every molecule in your hot, sexy bod.

Stream Danny L Harle’s remix below and/or purchase it here via iTunes.

In other news, Panda Bear just announced a three-night (October 13-15) run at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom. Tickets are on sale right meow.

• Panda Bear: http://www.pbvsgr.com
• Danny L Harle: https://soundcloud.com/dannylharle

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