♫♪  Paolo Henrique, RD da NH, & MC GTA - “AQUECIMENTO”

There’s something so obsessive and wild about this Brazilian producers’ collaboration, something so angry and sexy at the same time. It formally feels Jersey-club, but with an entirely different set of sounds. That thing that just keeps you listening, that even though “AQUECIMENTO” is mostly formed from short, uneasy repetitions, there’s an intense forward motion. And then, before you know it, the two minutes is up and the song disappears. You can feel the wild energy of the studio, with influences from many people all pushed in. The track seems representative of a creative overflow of ideas, and perhaps instead of editing down, all was pushed forward in its messy, raw glory. And even though there’s so much real, human noise, “AQUECIMENTO” still seems so enigmatic and inhumanly strange, representative of ideas rather than emotions. Though I may be putting that unfairly upon it because I don’t speak a lick of Portuguese.

• Paolo Henrique: https://soundcloud.com/paulo-henrique-108
• RD da NH: https://soundcloud.com/djrddanh

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