♫♪  PARADISE 100 - “The Loin King”

Like smashing your nose, blood rushes to your head/face immediately and immensely. A blur of this magnitude hasn’t happened since ‘02. But dancing like you’re drowning helps take the pressure off your mind. Feeling the frenzy has never been so overwhelming on all muscles in your body. Your sinews and proteins are ripping together, building a tensely hard ball of groove in your core as sweat beads pool in a crown around your head; eyes roll back and submit your mind to song. You have become “The Loin King” on this club floor.

Instead of bowing, attendees and witnesses are all following your moves and creating an aura of heat through all the movement. White tees become nipples. Head bands melt. Chest paint was once on faces. Shoes are off and elsewhere. Something is yelled about cocktails by the back bar, but the exclamation fades like a sample within the music. Nobody moves in any specific direction. Everyone is both stationary and flailing. And it’s more than art or movement. It’s life in the fullest. It’s PARADISE 100.

100% Silk won’t stop until they got the whole world dancing. PARADISE 100’s four-track 12-inch comes out on October 1. Also, scope the new pink silk vinyl cover art!

• 100% Silk: http://www.listentosilk.com

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