♫♪  Partisan - Magma/Flood

Bunny, the Co-Lord of famed Aural Sects and producer under names like Hypersport Ltd and Pe† Ceme†ery, broke open the gates of something fucking vicious on Friday with the release of two new tracks under the moniker Partisan. The tracks, “Magma” and “Flood,” are bundled into an ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL eight and a half minute sensory fuck. I mean, this is beyond industrial noise and would level anything if played at a high volume. IN THE FUTURE THIS SHIT WILL BE CONSIDERED A WEAPON. Look Bunny, if they put you away for mass weapon distribution, I’ll lead the riots. Please make more. Please feed this addiction.

P.S.: the stream above has an extended mix of “Flood” too.

• Partisan: https://soundcloud.com/partisangrime

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