♫♪  Paul Hares - “loop flaw”

After melting coins with magma and pressure-cooker steam, costuming an ordinary crow to look like Brandon Lee, and badgering a traffic cop for blatently littering on the sidewalk, you begin to wander around without much else to do. Your afternoon seems to have peaked, as it were.

But suddenly *GASP*, Paul Hares grabs you by the hand and leads you down the splashy vestibule of a wormhole he calls “loop flaw”. All the buttons on his arm calculator are bent, so the numbers don’t add up when he tries to time the color splays, but his VHS contact lenses are centered on the sun, cracking light with sound and wobble, so everything balances out in the end. Yeah, his palms are damp, so you’ve long since stopped being hand-held by the man, yet his fingertips still control the experience entirely.

Looks like Paul has a tape coming out on (((Cave Recordings))) sometime in the near future, so pucker up buttercup, and be on the lookout for his forthcoming cassette on Dirty Tapes, too.

• Paul Hares: https://paulhares.bandcamp.com

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