Paul Jones
Broken Arrow EP

You know all those beats that take the rhythms of footwork and throw some jazzy chords all over it, often to undeniably lush effect? Well, if Astro Nautico aren’t behind it, they’re at the very least blogging about it night and day. Now on their 12th release, it appears to be the turn of label founder Paul Jones to reveal his takes. Yet contrary to his labelmates (Kuhn, Obey City), Jones mostly chooses to slow things down and makes things a little more wonky. It’s less juke/jungle hybrid and more late-night, drunken slow-jams, with a subtle dash of the humble bitcrusher and a less subtle spray of wildly panning noise. However, if you feel you’re missing some fine time at 160bpm there’s always the ludicrous Kuhn remix. It’s also free, which is a difficult thing to have qualms with.

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