♫♪  PC Noise x Pedicure Records - PC Noise x Pedicure Records, Vol. 1

Let’s get this all straight (potentially). SOPHIE was playing with a brand of music that riffs from a Time’s Square -esque club riddled with advertisements and molly, while simultaneously A. G. Cook PC Music‘d the fuck out of an army that brands from similar territory. Thereafter, people like Manicure Records [UNINTENTIONALLY] became the true “poke-fun” satire of PC Music, as I witnessed Ponibi at Pop Cube use some flotation as a penis-publicity stunt. But how the fuck do we categorize PC Noise or Pedicure Records?

PC Noise x Pedicure Records, Vol. 1 defines their category. It’s beyond the influence. It’s beyond the spoof. It’s something that should be taken as a serious vantage point upon some built-up, hyped, and fabricated nonsense. There’s a strange sensibility in wondering WHY and HOW these tracks are made, and there’s even an outsider personality to their inside collective confinement. Thus, it was inevitable that the two factions would join together. Lots of it is LAWLZ. Lots of it is purity. All of it is PC Noise x Pedicure Records, Vol. 1:

• PC Noise: https://soundcloud.com/pcnoise
• Pedicure Records: https://soundcloud.com/pedicure-records

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