♫♪  A Peach Boys - Police Apartment

Just in time to coincide with the start of 2016’s fall TV season, A Peach BoysPolice Apartment chronicles the late-evening sitcom hi-jinks of 3 crooked cops who happen to inhabit a communal Upper East Side pad. The series’ pilot episode finds the gang on vacation, A-side “Plainclothes Cop” eavesdropping on their off-the-job antics: huddling ‘round the PS4 while anxiously awaiting the opportunity to draw a non-digital glock. The tune is somewhat of a nod to 10cc’s 1973 single “Rubber Bullets”, twangy rock & roll riffage and gnarled distortions of Beach Boys harmonies teaming up to sardonically depict instances of police brutality. On the B-side, “Off The Case” follows the boys in blue on their summer longboarding expedition to Coney Island, employing no-wave surf-rock cacophony and spoken-word irreverence to the effect of The Dead Milkmen.

Deadpan in delivery and sloppy as all-get-out, Police Apartment is the retro comedy-punk album you never knew you needed, or even wanted.

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