Whence entering your hometown, unexpectedly everything you know which is modern melts into a 15 years later nostolgia of your home town. You play Percival Pembroke’s PEMBROKE AUTUMN​/​WINTER CATALOG passing the population sign, all the familiar faces are withered and dry. Your dream girl from high school who worked at the DQ still works at the DQ. Mr. Zone’s Auto Sales got a digital marque. Family Video got flat screens, but are still three inches thick. The popcorn comes in two flavors at the hardware store. It’s oddly that dream you had as a child, thinking about everyone being taller and older. Thinking of how their faces changed and contorted to what is already chiseled upon their visage. Etc.

So you get that fucking ice cream bench date with the gal at DQ. Hassle Mr. Zone about prices. Rent a couple flicks under your parents old number they don’t have no more, but Family Video does. And grip BOTH fucking types of popcorn. Percival Pembroke’s PEMBROKE AUTUMN​/​WINTER CATALOG soundtracks your yes’capade through modern-day memory lane. Believe:

• Percival Pembroke: https://percivalpembroke.bandcamp.com
• Beer On The Rug: http://www.beerontherug.com

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