♫♪  Personable - “Bushi”

M. Geddes Gengras is a household name at this stage in the game. If he’s not, go dig your own collection and do some research, because chances are he’s on at least a half-dozen physicals you have and didn’t even know that was his amazing drumming or filthy bass-lick. Well, guess what’s back in action: Personable. That’s right! It’s been a two-year wait for his return since his Mirror & Gate Vol. III split with Dwellings & Druss on Opal Tapes, and nearly THREE years since his last Peak Oil drop, but the adventure continues with his newest single “Bushi.” Built upon the foundation of excitement, moments in “Bushi” are only created for transition into something greater, another level of sound that teeters in self-stability, but reliant on modular maintenance.

Maybe. I don’t make this stuff; it just helps me imagine. And creativity is abound within Personable’s newest “Bushi.” Take the leap. Find yourself on Peak Oil. Entwine yourself in New Lines, out NOW.

• Personable: https://mgeddesgengras1.bandcamp.com
• Peak Oil: http://thisispeakoil.com

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