♫♪  Polonius - Anaxia – Original Soundtrack

You all probably know Polonius as the ill-fated busybody in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the father of Ophelia and Laertes who — spoiler alert — was stabbed to death by the titular Danish prince while hiding behind a tapestry. Only less well known is Polonius’s penchant for soundtrack work, here providing the sonic backdrop for the “adventures of The Golden Mystic,” detailed in the 2018 sci-fi/fantasy short Anaxia (directed by Weston Razooli).

Actually, they’re two different Poloniuses. Try not to get them confused.

The modern Polonius is a less-ill-fated busybody haunting the Golden Mystic’s steps. Anaxia is a 1970s fantasy adventure throwback, a paean to the sword-and-sorcerer tales of heroes, villains, and epic quests. I haven’t seen it. But I’ve seen Conan movies and stuff like Legend, so I get the gist. Polonius also gets the gist, and it’s not just because the longest tracks here, the ones he lingers on the most, are the obviously titled “Hunter-Prowler (Tracking in Oskexis)” and “Golden Mystic’s Harp Canticle: Pixie Exodus.” Well, it’s because of those too — just imagine what those tunes sound like! (You don’t have to wonder long, because you can listen to them below.)

It’s also because his idea of a score happens to line right up with the subject matter. Like a warped VHS copy of Anaxia, the film’s soundtrack discharges through tube-amp speakers, burbling and warbling its melodies and arpeggios directly into your imagination. Polonius has self-styled his music as “sciencefiction archeomiragical time travel,” and I don’t think you really have to dig any deeper into what that means — let it float there, in the moment, and grasp a section (or all) of it, then dive face-first into the swirling Anaxia seeing-pool. Be overcome by its magic myst and ritual rhythms. Let the adventure begin for you as well.

Just don’t hide behind the curtains, or whatever, as you go.

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