Portopia ‘81
“Hello New World”

Warping and chirping in synchromatic portals, Portopia ‘81 has found a way for our human dimension to contact the dream state we all experience in one way or another during REM sleep. Offering a calm “Hello New World” introduction to the processes, Portopia ‘81 eases users into the most pleasurable of pulsed meditative mantras, opening their third, fourth, and fifth eyes upon their inner reality. Within one’s self, the user becomes a sort of bionaut of inner-self travel, evoking their consciousness control cortex and cerebral imaginings. It’s brilliance at its best, bringing mankind closer to individual and mental peace by beholding their deepest desires outside of the confines of social right and wrong, and inside individual insatiable endocrines.

“Hello New World” is off Portopia ‘81’s second release on Ginjoha called Electronic Communication, which dropped earlier this month with three other tapes. Scope!

Also check out Portopia ‘81’s video here from their first release and mini-album Cosmic City Serenade, which came out earlier this year.

• Ginjoha Tapes: http://ginjoha.blogspot.com

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