♫♪  The Prairie Lines - Eyes Down Slowdown

I like to sit by the front window and look out into the yard when it rains. The wet glass reminds me of the geometric stained glass that let fractured light into the Lutheran church where my parents got married. Each drop makes it way down to the window sill, I pick favorites and hope they win the race, but if mine starts to fall behind then I’ll switch and pick a different drop. Thankfully no one is around to judge me if I’m a fair-weather fan because I need little victories here and there.

My sister and I used to go outside when it rained. We would run around and shiver together, huddling under towels and taking warm showers once we were both back inside. Sometimes mom would have hot chocolate waiting for us once we were dry; milk chocolate for her, and dark for me. Once, it was our last time in playing in the rain and we had no idea, but it’s nice that we can remember. We’ll always have that.

The Prairie Lines’ comely new release, Eyes Down Slowdown is available on vinyl and digital formats on Whitelabrecs’ Bandcamp.

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