Proc Fiskal
“Greatest of All Times”

Not one for nuance or humility, Edinburgh-based producer Proc Fiskal cuts right to the sonic chase. “Greatest of All Times” is as assertive as its name suggests, pummeling its imagined opponents up against the ropes with a flurry of muscly bass riffs, drippy chiptune melodies floating in the hostile air to signify a boss battle.

On the offensive end, Fiskal attacks with the sort of cartoonish flair that warrants a spiked speech bubble and multiple exclamation points. Latex squelches yank at clangs of percussion, pulling them back into orbit. Footwork kick patterns scramble for balance as if on a treadmill rolling too quickly to keep up with.

Facing off against the “Greatest” is a humbling experience: the closing cut on Proc Fiskal’s Hyperdub debut will punish those who step to the champ unprepared. Synthesized choirs are the sweat collecting in your forehead’s folds. 8-bit chimes are the spit in your eye.

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