♫♪  Psychic Reality - “Wet On Wet”

Psychic Reality has not only made a strong comeback with her newest Intercoastal Artists LP CHASSIS, but has also blessed the music world with a perfect progression of that era in lo-fi contenders like Pocahaunted, Woods, Dum Dum Girls, and Dirty Beaches — a sound that fizzled out years ago, IMO. And she’s employing players from that same game (LP co-produced and mixed by M. Geddes Gengras)!”

But how?” you dare ask of this progression? OK: it’s like she blended that burnt vocal experience of Where The Boys Are with the steady boom-bap beat of “Acid We” throughout, while maintaining composure through the nu-age-ier side of Super Minerals” — Wet on Wet” is the perfect example of this cocktail. It’s refreshing, especially when Spring is “here” and just melting our ‘tudes into something anew. Follow the links below for no information about CHASSIS, except that it’s out May 5. It’s not even up for pre-order yet on Intercoastal Artists. However, I don’t plan on shutting up about Psychic Reality this year, so keep on nodding to “Wet on Wet” until you can spin with it!

• Psychic Reality: http://www.discogs.com/artist/1728971-Psychic-Reality
• Intercoastal Artists: http://intercoastalartists.com

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