♫♪  Public Spreads the News - “U R NEER”

Head nod until it snaps off, listeners. The internet is back-to-back with danceable, somewhat agreeable (@headnodd) jams. Like Stott and Swanson got them super nasty production skills and fiddling fingertips, but they go for the beat. That BEAT! And here, Public Spreads the News does the same with “U R NEER.” Maybe more in a “I’m too hip for coke, but — oh, it’s on my nose?” sort of 100% SILK way, but keeping that Swanson base-ting beat. Not to put Public Spreads the News on that level, but I see he’s on his way to something along them lines. Or maybe he’ll just blow out and get real GAH-rahhge-driven noise-house by maxing his music out.

At any rate, Ailanthus Recodings gave PSTN props through a whacked-out EP split with ϟir­­+Pluϟ. Just massive amounts of new noises to absorb there. Mmmmmdamn. I’d say keep an ear out for this fellah if you got that dancing bug. Or if you’re a workout fiend and need more pump music. *fist in air with pinky up* #pump#pump#pump#pump

• Public Spread the News: http://soundcloud.com/publicspreadsthenews

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