♫♪  rafael anton irisarri - Unsaid

Reading the news of New York minimalist composer Rafael Anton Irisarri latest release from Lawrence English’s feisty teenage label Room40 led to a companion piece for the October 23 release. “Unsaid” is a near-half-hour long sister to A Fragile Geography, a step into the space it began its life and laid its head. A Fragile Geography (available to stream now), itself is a sweeping experience, concurrently aware and absent. Like taking the moment a daydream ends, stretching it out across a table and meticulously fixing imperfections. “Unsaid” is a different figure cut by the same knife. Described as “a drone piece divided into three movements, all with different takes on the potency of maximal minimalism” by RAI, and comparing it with A Fragile Geography, “Unsaid” may have developed around the time “Secretly Wishing For Rain” came to be – both share a certain, though small, level of over-gain abrasion. It, like RAI, is subtle, but calling out right above your head.

“Unsaid” comes free with A Fragile Geography which is out October 23 from Room40 – colored vinyl are already sold out, but you can great a signed black copy on RAI’s Bandcamp.

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