♫♪  Ras_G - “Track 1”

The Fat Beats drop of Ras_G’s Baker’s Dozen in December 2016 is possibly one of the grandest beat-drops that has have EVER hit ears. It’s literally fem-centered/-honored. There’s nostalgia, space, experiments, avant-twerk, dreaded zones, interlocking weaves, and everything that is black-culture. It’s an ode to complete culture. The best culture. The only culture that has lead humanity to progress. Patient progress. Devout progress. Earned progress. Thus, I’m stoked on the betterment-of-human-kind with the future knowledge presented in the upcoming release of My Kinda Blues.

And when the though My Kinda Blues passes through one’s mind, it’s completely complimentary to the human struggle.

—It’s your wife going to Rhode Island every-other weekend for months at a time because her sister is dying of breast cancer, only you find out (after the sister dies) that she’s been going to Chicago instead to bang some Hotep-poser brother.
—It’s working 12-hour days, atop of 2-hour commutes home, only to get sterile injections from your husband — with the feel of only wanting a child — because he’s blowing down the apartment for hours before you arrive home, jerking it to some sleazy downloads on the big-screen.
—It’s the back-alley you OD in where people find and save your life so now your existence relies on nurses that are paid to keep you alive, day-in/day-out, watching Jeopardy and doing nothing but wasting away.
—It’s lying passed out on 125th street awaiting CPR and gaining every last node of brain damage because there’s not oxygen flow to your brain.
—It’s on cassette via Fat Beats, and complete devastation.

Earn the worth of My Kind Of Blues by Ras_G in proper form. Exist until “Track 1” has been galvanized by your brain:

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